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Multilingual Speaking Clock is a very handy and beautiful speaking clock
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Multilingual Speaking Clock is a very handy and beautiful clock for your desktop that covers very small space. The main attraction of this clock is its speaking capability. This clock can tell you the time in more than 30 languages.
You can set this clock to tell the time in desired intervals like after every minute or hour. You can also set an alarm that can play your favorite music as the alarm tone. The clock offers two display modes Big and Small to save your desktop space.
Additionally you can use the global hotkeys Ctrl+Alt+S to know the time, without moving your cursor. You can use these hotkeys anytime while surfing the web, working at the office, watching movies or working in DOS. You can also set the transparency of the clock that makes it easy to see what’s behind the clock and it never disturbs your routine work.

The clock supports English, French and German languages but you can download your native language from the official website of Multilingual Speaking Clock.

This clock, no doubt can give your desktop a new and stylish look.

jasminder singh
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  • Very handy and stylish clock for your desktop
  • Alarms and time speaking features


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